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The Walcha Shire is located in the beautiful and very productive New England Tablelands region of New South Wales. The Shire is approx 640,000 ha in area. The town of Walcha (pronounced 'wolka') is 1067 metres above sea level. Walcha can be reached by road, rail and air.

With 156,000 ha of National Park and Wilderness in the Shire, Walcha is the gateway to some of the most magnificent eco experiences in Australia. Indeed part of the Central Eastern Rainforests Reserves, a World Heritage area, is located within the Walcha Shire.

Apart from these wonderful ecotourism destinations, Wlacha has a lot to offer. It is one of the most productive agricultural areas in Australia.

Walcha is a centre of creative minds

A number of sculptures by both local and overseas artists have been established in and around our town. The concept however will provide for a variety of media including landscaping, street furniture and murals. Aboriginal art is also featured. Stroll through our town, inspect our art and enjoy our hospitality.
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There are many well known artists within the Walcha region. The town has become a portal of some of the best sculpture and painting within regional NSW and Australia.

Ecotourism and Adventure

Situated 20 kms east of Walcha is some of the most remarkable scenery in Eastern Australia. The magnificent Apsley Falls which plummet into the Apsley Gorge from part of the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. The sheer sides of the gorge present the visitor with breathtaking view from many vantage points around the gorge rim. The area features a number of significant Aboriginal sites.

In addition the Tia Falls, 44 km east of Walcha occupies one of the most beautiful gorge sites on the New England's eastern escarpment. The Macleay Gorges Wilderness Area and the Werrikimbe National Park provide a pleasant escape to solitude, bush walking, canoeing or fishing.

Riverside, in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, is the only area in Australia where visitors can gain vehicular access (4WD only) to a wilderness core.
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Walk into the history of Walcha

The Walcha Local History Centre is situated in the Walcha Library, near the Post Office, in Derby Street. (just along from Walcha Guesthouse) Here you will find a guide to discover many historical buildings located within the town of Walcha.


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